Villa d’Este Tivoli Italy, Garden of the High Renaissance.

by Steven Sklifas
Villa d Este. Tivoli. Italy.
Villa d Este. Tivoli. Italy.

Villa d Este. Tivoli. Italy. View along the avenue of the hundred fountains or Le Cento Fontane at the Villa d’Este at the hill town of Tivoli. The wooded walkway is flanked on one side by over one hundred hand carved waterspouts jetting out cooling water into three overlaying canals.

The Villa d’Este is situated 30 kilometres east north of Rome in the lush, picturesque and historical hilltop town of Tivoli, in the Lazio region of Italy.

Renowned for its spectacular use of water, the Villa d’Este represents the quintessence of the Italian garden of the late High Renaissance and has elements of the mannerist and baroque architectural styles.

Converted from a Benedictine monastery into a sumptuous palace around 1550, the much-copied Villa d’Este is a masterpiece of Italian Garden.

Villa d Este. Tivoli. Italy.

Villa d’Este. Tivoli. Italy. View of Fontana Della Madre Natura with a statue of Diana of Ephesus, the great nature goddess. Sculpted by Gillis van den Vliete in 1568, the statue was originally part of the Fountain of the Organ, but was relocated in the 17th century as it was felt to be overly pagan in appearance.

The Villa d’Este is considered one of the most significant and complex examples of Renaissance water gardens in Europe.

Visually stimulating, spectacular and theatrical, the Villa d’Este has been a huge influence on European garden design.

Its grounds, which has varying elevations, are replete with greenery, sculpture and statuary and a myriad of imaginative fountains, grottoes and water features.

Tivoli and the Villa d’Este is a very rewarding and relatively easy and relaxed day trip from Rome. Whenever I travel there, I usually take the train, which takes about 1 hour from Rome.

The Villa d’Este is a designated UNESCO world heritage site.

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