The Myth of Renewable Energy

by Steven Sklifas
Wind turbines. Crete. Greece.

There is no debate that CO2 emissions from the use of Fossil Fuels has contributed greatly to the climate of Earth moving into territory never experienced by Homo sapiens. (Animal agriculture is the other major contributor of greenhouse gases).

However, what is hardly spoken of are the consequences of ecological devastation on the climate brought on by consumerism, economic growth and the commodification and objectification of nature. Over 200 species of plant, insects, birds and animals are going extinct daily due to our lifestyles.

Renewables are being promoted as ‘Green’ but they far from it. Solar panels, Wind Turbines, Electric Cars, Smart Phones etc all require resources to be mined from the Earth. To keep the heat engine of industrial civilisation running will mean endless mining of the Earth and catastrophic devastation of the biosphere.

For example, wind/solar require the mining of rare earths. All mining is environmentally devastating, but rare earths mining is especially so. Rare earths mining and refining has devastated, for example, the area around Baotou, China. As The Guardian wrote, “From the air it looks like a huge lake, fed by many tributaries, but on the ground it turns out to be a murky expanse of water, in which no fish or algae can survive. The shore is coated with a black crust, so thick you can walk on it. Into this huge, 10 sq km tailings pond nearby factories discharge water loaded with chemicals used to process the 17 most sought after minerals in the world, collectively known as rare earths.” The soil in the region has also been toxified. Source

The Green New Deal and the New Deal for Nature, cheered on by the upper echelon, have only one objective, its not to save Planet Earth, it’s to exploit nature to maintain the current power structures and prop up our resource hungry lifestyles.

Below is a link to an excellent article by Derrick Jensen who provides a deep analysis of the ‘renewables is good for the planet’ myth perpetuated by the puppet masters of Capitalism and Industrial Civilisation.

Source: The Myth of Renewable Energy and Climate Change – Fair Observer

Ginkgo biloba also known as maidenhair tree

Ginkgo biloba also known as maidenhair tree. The tree is native to china and is believed to been around when the dinosaurs roomed the planet, around 200 million years ago.

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