Buenos Aires Argentina, Paris of the South.

by Steven Sklifas
Argentina. Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a dazzling example of old world charm. Its architecture, like its people has been imported from the great cities of Europe.

Argentina’s sophisticated capital Buenos Aires is city of delights and contradictions.

Geographically, it’s belongs to South Americas 2nd largest country and lays in the heart of the Latin world, yet, with over 85 percent of its residents of European origin, its lifestyle, culture and architecture are distinctly European.

Ever since being founded by the Spanish on a gold seeking expedition in 1536 and up until the mid 20th century, waves upon waves of European immigrants favoured Buenos Aires as their new home, and in doing so, transformed it into a European city of dreams.

There’s no escaping the European influence from the very first moment you set foot in Buenos Aires. With its wide boulevards lined with 19th century Victorian and French style houses, ornate Spanish villas, sidewalk cafes, striking parks and monuments; Buenos Aires resonates like London, Madrid, Rome and Paris.

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